1987 Eagle League Regular Season Rosters and Statistics

(Update (12/10/20): “McGuckien” is actually Al McGuckian)

(CrosseCheck ed. note–as most fans know, the Eagle League never published any stats from the 1987 season in any subsequent program or media guide, instead only printing final standings, game-by-game results, and the league leader in goals, assists, and total points.

This information was collected from Baltimore Sun box scores and by hand-tabulating goals, assists, saves, and goals against while watching games on film. Unfortunately, one game remains completely unaccounted for: the January 10 game with Philadelphia in New Jersey.

Nevertheless, because of some small details in game reports for that game, along with “reverse engineering” when possible, some of the Saints and Wings players have complete stats. Where numbers have been effected by the missing game, they appear in italics.

We are happy to be the first to fill in this huge gap in an important part of professional box lacrosse history. If you can help fill in the gaps that remain, please reach out to us.)

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