The Caribous are almost paradise for Pat Differ….

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by Jacques Arteau Montreal Gazette, April 1975

A trip from Syracuse to Quebec City is as contrasting as day and night, at least for Pat Differ, and his opinion on the subject is mostly shared by most of the former Syracuse Stingers.

And there is not a change of atmosphere or landscape that can explain his return to the “best counters of the National Lacrosse League.

What change!”

For a single, the attractive strands of girls in Quebec may be an explanation!

“On that, I totally agree,” admits Pat Differ without hesitation, already showing a contrast with her usual seriousness and his pertinent reflections.

“The Caribou general organization alone is a 100% improvement,” he says more seriously, “just about anything the players can want, which is a stark contrast to Syracuse. 

As well to say that the players are almost found in a small corner of paradise! “It’s just like,” he adds, “but I have to say that the attitude of the players is not the same as last year, they are much more motivated to produce a better return”

The relocation of the Syracuse Stingers’ license to Quebec City was a welcome change of atmosphere and landscape for the players. “This city is exceptional, the reaction of the public is very good, but there are also other explanations”, according to the Caribou player. “The status of the league has changed, the best talent in Western Canada has particularly improved the caliber, the game is harder and more complete because all players must produce their best to stay.”

Although the Caribou have had a serious accommodation problem for many of their players, most have finally found more satisfying lodgings than they thought. The front of Mississauga, 24 years old, was one of those, sharing with Paul Cioci a mountain chalet at Mont Sainte-Anne.

Still First…

Differ finds himself again at the top of the counters of his club, after six games.

“I’m still trying to start as often as last year, that’s the secret,” he said, “I kept an average of four goals (4.17) last year without missing a single 40 games I want to score as much this year for 56 games. ” The best maverick of the Stingers last season, he has collected 28 points so far with the Caribous, before their match tonight with the Quebecers of Montreal.

So clever is he to find the target as often as last year, Differ not less observes that opportunities are getting tougher this season.

“Young people have arrived with remarkable talent, the caliber has improved by at least 25%, making the task all the more difficult even for the best players in the league. The six teams are well-rounded and the best players on the other teams have been able to realize that young people like Brian Evans and Dave Durante who are with us, can compete as well as the best players in the league. “

A weekend golfer, who can defend himself on a course with a margin of error of four, Differ sees another contrast in his second season in the National Lacrosse League. “The players are bigger than last year, the clubs have been able to get their hands on talent and size,” he says. “I have to run myself as much as last year to escape the more robust style and often I was able to concede up to 30 pounds of weight against some players we had to meet so far. “

Quebeckers in town….

That the Caribous still have the vein to procure a comfortable lead at the expense of Quebecers, it will not take more to encourage Medo Martinello to order an unqualified strike force “If the case occurs, to promise himself coach of the Caribou, Jim Bishop’s team will come from behind as easily as last time. ” Martinello, however, quickly resumed its realism by weighing the advantages and disadvantages of a week’s rest. “We had two exercises a day, but I would have preferred to play at least once because the exercises are not a match and that is perhaps what will motivate the Bishop’s club even more”, he points out.
The Caribous will still miss the services of Art Seekamp, ​​Rusa George and Bruce Todman in addition to Murray Cawker still “scraped” by school exams. By cons, Doug Gray is back for good and could participate in the game. As confusing in his observations as his Caribou were before Quebeckers, Martinello commented on the recent massacre of Quebecers at the expense of the Maryland Arrows.

Quebeckers may have played well, but the Arrows must have played very badly. “

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