Interview with Bill Bradley

Question:         You stated before training camp Bill, that you would prefer to play.  Why?

Answer:          Well, I still think that I got a couple of more years left to play.  I enjoy playing and being one of the boys and I still like the body contact.

Question:         Was this your reason for following the same training program as the players during camp in case the playing possibilities came up?

Answer:          I didn’t know that I was going to have the opportunity to play, and besides it was a challenge for me to see whether I could still keep up.  I enjoy playing, and I wanted to show them that I was able to work out with them, because I want to win real bad.  I could not expect them to do something that I would not do.

Question:         Now that you are playing and no longer behind the bench do you feel there will be added pressure on you?

Answer:          No, because when you’re behind the bench and things are not going well, you can’t do too much about it.  All you can do is offer them your advice, backed with your own experience.  When you’re playing and you yourself commit an error, you must try to correct yourself in order to help the team.  You can help the team out more out there, than behind the bench.

Question:         What was your reaction when you were told that the National Lacrosse [League] was formed?

Answer:          I was real happy, because I always knew that some day this game will be one of the biggest spectator sports.  I am happy for everyone playing, the younger guys and everybody connected with the sport of lacrosse.  One of these days the players will make a good living out of it.

Question:         Montreal’s general manager and coach, John Ferguson, felt that he drafted wisely by going with youth.  Besides your experience, what do you feel it takes to mold a young team together in order to make them a contender?

Answer:          Well, it’s hard work and I’m sure there will be a lot of criticism, but there are a lot of things that the younger players and us older players don’t know.  We must learn together and combine our efforts into team work in order to be a winner.

Question:         How long do you expect to play for or are you playing it by ear?

Answer:          Well, if I remain healthy, probably three or four more years.  It all depends on the seriousness of injures.  I guess I will have to take it year by year.

Question:         Would you like to coach again, after your playing days are over?

Answer:          Yes, I would.

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