(uncredited; probably written by Ron Duquette)

To date I think the interlocking games have proven quite interesting.  Of course everyone knows that Toronto lost all four in the West and Detroit only managed 1 win in their 4 attempts.  It would certainly appear that the strength is in the Western Division.  But wait, Peterborough came on strong beating New Westminster Sunday night 17-10.  The majority of the New West team feel that Lakers Johnny Davis has to be the best thing in lacrosse today even outclassing the great Gaylord Powless in Detroit.  Bill Armstrong, the team’s manager mentioned that it is a real thrill for the Salmonbellies to be playing in buildings like the Gardens & Detroit Olympia, and especially exciting having live television coverage in Toronto.  They aren’t too happy with the heat, though.  I guess you don’t get temperatures in the 90’s in beautiful B.C.

Players to watch: Paul Parnell, the team’s leading scorer, Les Norman, veteran goaltender & present holder of the best goals against average in the West, Wayne Goss & Ken Winzoski, two juniors with a lot of promise & Wayne Shuttleworth, perhaps the best defenseman in the league.

(from July 17, 1968 Toronto Maple Leafs game program)

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