Behind Every Good Man…is a forgotten woman

(Volume 1, Number 2—May 1974)

by Annette E. Cuomo

Meeting nice people is always a pleasant experience.  The world is full of nice people; but, we don’t always have the opportunity to make their acquaintance.  Fortunately, the pleasure was all mine when I met Linda (Grant) Bryck, Diane (Derek) Forbes, Louise (John) Grant, and Mary Fulton.

Mary Fulton is Jim Wasson’s girlfriend; and what a match they are.  She is tiny enough to fit into Jim’s back pocket; but, she has enough personality (as do all the girls) to fill an entire arena.

Linda is a very shy person.  When she gets to know you, however, she comes out of her quiet shell and fits in with any crowd.

It would be difficult not to like Diane Forbes.  From the first help you feel as though you have known her for years.

Louise was good enough to have everyone waiting at her apartment when I arrived.  She has a way of welcoming one into her home and making you feel very comfortable.  John Jr. is the only baby I know who can whistle before he can say DaDa.

Being married to a professional sportsman is not easy.  The role entails a lot of patience and learning how to be left alone and quite often, forgotten.  Most of the fans ignore them and act as if they don’t even exist.  The time has come to make them feel welcome here, and, only the fans can make that possible.

At our little gathering we covered almost every subject imaginable.  There was a lot of laughing and a good amount of serious talking.  It’s obvious that they’re behind the Wings and the fans all the way and that they’re very interested in what’s happening with the fan club.  Most of them would even like to accompany the fans on the bus trips and, if need be, we’ll even find room for John Jr.  John Jr., the champ, is only five months old, but he looks like most of us looked at a year old.

Most women don’t give grocery shopping a second thought; but, with no cars and no husbands around to assist them, the girls do most of their shopping via taxi cabs.  At times, John Jr. has to make the supreme sacrifice of sharing his baby carriage with bags full of groceries.

Again, it’s a pleasure to know such friendly and honest people.  The fan club wishes you well in all your endeavors and wholeheartedly welcomes you to Philadelphia.

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