There’s More to Glen Ferguson…

(Volume 1, Number 3—June 1975)

by Annette E. Cuomo

Anyone who believes the myth that all Leos are Lions haven’t met Glen Ferguson.  Born August 3, 1952, in Peterborough, Ontario, Glen can better be described as a lamb.

The lamb spent quite a lot of time in schools, so he’s a pretty smart lamb.  After completing grade 13 at Adam Scott Collegiate he spent two years at the University of Waterloo in Kitchener, Ontario, majoring in English.  Then it was on to Trent University but that only lasted one year because Glen didn’t like it.  He also took courses to prepare for Optometry, though he may not return to that either since “there just isn’t enough time.”  That shouldn’t stop Glen Ferguson, though.  He now wants to go into a business course; perhaps Hotel and Motel management.

There is more to Glen Ferguson than school; there is lacrosse.  Glen spent the lacrosse seasons of 1970 through 1973 with the P.C.O.’s in Peteborough where he competed in the Minto Cup which was played in Vancouver against the Richmond Road Runners.  It must have been a pretty talented team noting other NLL players such as Jan McGee and Jim Johnston and Tim Barrie who are now the property of the Long Island Tomahawks, Quebec’s Brian Evans, Guy Legault of Boston and Montreal Quebecois Jim Gow were also part of that P.C.O. team in 1973.

There were a few Wings who also played for the Junior A team one year earlier such as John Grant, Jim Wasson, Pete Guerin and Ronnie Ryan.  Only since coming to the Wings has Glen played on the same team at the same time with them.

Again, there is more to Glen Ferguson than Lacrosse and school.  There are other sports like: tennis, basketball and squash.  He played Junior football on a team called the Peterborough Panthers (a lion on a panther team, figure that one out).  He also played on a hockey team with John Grant and Greg Marchen this past winter.  As a matter of fact, he played on two hockey teams this past winter.  He also played on the Trent University hockey team.

Still, there is more to Glen Ferguson than sports and school.  There is album collecting; especially the oldies.  If he can’t get what he wants on album, he’ll settle for the tape.  Fergy likes movies, too.  Anything that’s entertaining will do.  Though he may not like the movie he’ll still have something to talk about.  “Lots of times people will talk more about bad movies than they do good ones.”  If he can’t watch a movie Glen will sometimes go to a discotheque.  He likes to dance and you’ll seldom see him sitting while a group is playing.

But in the end, we’re back to Lacrosse and the Wings and the National Lacrosse League and Glen Ferguson looks around the league and comments on other players as: “Jerry McKenna is a good solid two way player.  He’s a good checker and he doesn’t take stupid penalties…Growing up John Davis was the big player, everyone wanted to be like him…Greg Thomas is one of the best…in the league…and last, but by far not least, Paul Suggate is a hot dog!  He’s always crying to the refs and he takes a lot of dives.”

While he is watching other players he is not too busy to notice fan reaction.  “The fans are a little more knowledgeable now.  Last year they cheered plays that were appealing to them.  Now, good defensive players will be noticed, too.” Player of the Month is designed to boost fan interest, get the fans involved and perhaps give the players something to think about.  Not only does Glen agree with our idea but he thinks it’s a good one.

At the end of the season players and fans alike all want one thing—The National’s [sic] Trophy—and as many other players feel Glen says, “I don’t really care how I do as long as we win.”

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