Lucky Thirteen

(Volume 1, Number 2—May 1974)

by Annette E. Cuomo & Kerrie Wadlinger

The number 13 is usually associated with bad luck, but for the Philadelphia Wings the #13 appears to be a good omen.  The lucky number is 5’8” brown-eyed, brown-haired, rookie forward Peter Guerin.  Born June 4, 1952 in Peterborough, Ontario, Peter started playing lacrosse, in Peterborough, at the age of five and continued to do so until 1973.  The 1973-74 season found Peter in Vancouver doing his thing for the Surrey Salmonbellies, a Junior A tem, where he was the second highest scorer in British Columbia.  In 1974 he coached a junior B team, the Cloverdale Salmonbellies.  He played Senior B lacrosse for the New Westminster Rebels where he earned the Most Valuable Player Award in 1974.

Peter worked as an assistant manager of a shoe department and as a salesman for a carpet manufacturing company until he was drafted.

His initial reaction upon learning that he was drafted was hesitancy, because he still had a job in Vancouver.  He arrived in our city with an open mind.  An athlete’s life is very different, Peter contends, but, he is happy to be associated with such a great bunch of guys.  Pete says that he has never played on a team where the players are so easy to get along with.  He feels that once the Wings get going “no one will be able to beat them…never seen so much talent on one team.”  Peter is pleased by the fan support, feeling that the support is necessary to a team.

For recreation, Pete participates in golf, tennis, hockey, & baseball.  Although Pete enjoys an active social life, one of his hobbies is reading.

After the season is over, Pete plans to vacation in the Bahamas before returning to B.C. and resuming his job as a salesman.

His goal for the season?—“At least two points per game.”

Peter Guerin initially chose the number 13 to be different; but, now the number identifies with the man.  You’re not alone, Pete, because all Philadelphia Wings fans will soon know that Peter Guerin and the number 13 stand for good luck.

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