Make Room For The Cobras, Right Now!

By Tom Sorensen; Charlotte Observer: October 8th, 1995

I feel good about the Charlotte Cobras. They are Charlotte’s new Major Indoor Lacrosse League team. To make it in today’s la­crosse, a team must have gall. In this, the Cobras lead the league.

The Cobras called Monday to ask/demand that a reporter at­tend their Tuesday news confer­ence. Why were they calling a news conference? To announce they exist.

I told them they had picked the busiest week in Charlotte sports history to announce that they ex­ist.

Hold on, said the Cobras. What else is going on?

Just this. For the first time, Charlotte’s three major sports will compete for attention the same week.

Make a list…

Let’s start, dear Cobras, at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the oldest and most overlooked of our city’s major sports venues. Race Week festivities began Tuesday and conclude today with the UAW-GM Quality 500.

That’s a catchy name, UAW-GM Quality 500. No won­der speedway President H.A. “Humpy” Wheeler has to be so creative with his promotions. Compared to UAW-GM Quality 500, the Poulan Weedeater Inde­pendence Bowl sounds inspired.

Next, my new Cobra friends, we go to beautiful Fort Mill, where the Charlotte Hornets opened camp Thursday. When we last left the Hornets, they were slinking out of Chicago. Now they’re back.

Look at them. Alonzo Mourn­ing has hair. Kendall Gill does not. Eighteen players posed for a team picture. Half were point guards. Most won’t make the team.

Hey, there’s my old buddy Kendall Gill, back after two years in Seattle. 1 offer my hand and ask him if he remembers me. He says he does. And after shaking my hand, he turns his back.

You know, going back to a Hornets practice is like going home. My family does the same thing.

Panthers count, too…

Before we continue, let’s take a Cobra Fact Break.

True Cobra Fact No. 1: Unlike many sports, lacrosse involves a ball and a net!

As you might know, Cobras, we now have a third major sport in town. It just doesn’t seem ma­jor. That’s because fans have de­cided not to recognize the Caro­lina Panthers until they move into their new stadium in uptown Charlotte next fall.

Already major parties are be­ing planned, as true football fans across the city and region at­tempt to buy football outfits that match their permanent new seats.

A fashion tip: Just because your seat is blue on the seating chart doesn’t mean it will be blue. Smart shoppers wait before they coordinate.

The Panthers play the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field today. Throw out the record books when these teams get together. Why? I don’t know. 1 just like to say that.

The Panthers are coming off their best game of the season. Their offensive line finally played well, and quarterback Kerry Col­lins, who has enough confidence for the entire backfield, and run­ning back Derrick Moore were the beneficiaries.

Last week, the Panthers were fun to watch. What they did felt like football. Maybe we’ll see some more today.

Never a dull moment…

True Cobra Fact No. 2: La­crosse is popular with some peo­ple who live in the Northeast!

Ah, counter the Cobras, I haven’t mentioned anything that will go on Tuesday, the day they announce we exist.

On Tuesday, the Atlanta Braves and seven other teams open the Major League Baseball playoffs and the O J. Simpson verdict will be disclosed.

Also, Tuesday will be the Char­lotte Checkers’ third day in camp. The Checkers, who play in the East Coast Hockey League, have a great coach and a loud and loyal following. They are the best sports bargain in town.

So you see, young Cobras, it is a busy week. But as far as I’m concerned, there is always room for another obscure minor­league sport in town. Do Cobras create jobs? They do? Then I’m for them. I’m glad they exist.

True Cobra Fact No. 3: There is no Minor Indoor Lacrosse League!

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