‘We’ve got it…’

If desire is the mark of a man, then Syracuse Stinger Gaylord Powless is one great man.  Star co-captain of the Stingers, Powless wants to be in the playoffs and wants a championship team.

According to Gaylord, “we’ve got it!  We really do.  This team has so many good box players that we’ve just got to make the playoffs.”

The Hagersville, Ont. native has set up residence in Syracuse and is rooming with fellow Stinger Bruce Todman.  “Toddy and I talk about this team all the time.  All our thoughts, as co-captains along with Pat Diffler, are about our team and the next game coming up.”

Recognized as one of the greatest box lacrosse players in Canada, Gaylord has some definite thoughts on the National Lacrosse League.  “The league is put together real well.  I was involved in the NLA back in ’68 and the difference can really be seen.  The owners are ready to make it go and the players know that if you’re in this league you’re really a pro, and that means an awful lot when you’re out there for a 60-minute game.”

Gaylord’s scoring achievements in the NLL so far this season are better than the point total would indicate.  Often double-teamed when he has the ball, and sometimes when he doesn’t, Gaylord still manages to get his shots on net.  “It’s a super challenge to me to do well in the NLL.  I know when I’m out there that I’m up against the best in North America, but I also know my own capabilities.  I know that as the season goes, Syracuse fans are going to see some super lacrosse.”

“We’ve got a great group of guys on this team,” said Powless, “even after our slow start, nobody was down.  We want to win and we want to win consistently for our Syracuse fans.  Meeting with them after our games or speaking engagements at their clubs and organizations.  I really feel the interest is there.  The fans want a winner…and they’re going to have one.”

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