Medo now the boss

Medo Martinello, active in box lacrosse for the past 25 years, took over the coaching duties of the Syracuse Stingers June 4.  The new coach arrived in the central New York city at 2:30 pm that Tuesday, met the press at 3:30, held a team meeting at 5:30, conducted a full 2½ hour practice at 6 pm, met with the press again at 9 pm, and then held a coaches-staff organizational meeting.  It was apparent to Syracusans from Medo’s first 10 hours in town that Martinello means business.

In talking with PRO LACROSSE, Martinello expressed his pleasure at being associated with “people who really want this sport to make it the way it can.  Much more than in 1968 when the National Lacrosse Association was formed, the NLL is definitely a true pro league.  Management, players, and league officials have the professional attitude that’s going to be necessary to make this something really great.

“Coaching the Syracuse Stingers is a fantastic opportunity for me.  Everyone in the league knows that when it comes to talent, the Stingers have one of the best teams on paper.  I told the players at our first meeting that I believe a team must practise as they play, and to win in the National Lacrosse League, you must play full out.  And that’s exactly how we’ll practise.

“I’ve been asked by almost everyone in the central New York media about Stinger trade material and as far as I’m concerned nobody is ever secure with the team, including me.  Everybody must produce the maximum.  Management expects it from me and I expect it from every one of my players.

“I mentioned media before and I’ve got to say what a great thing they’re doing in supporting the Stingers and the NLL.  They’re sharp people and can see that this is a major league sport that can make it big in their city.

“Another thing that has impressed me about Syracuse is the playing facility.  I know we’ve got the best floor in the whole league, and playing in an air conditioned auditorium makes playing the type of game I expect from my players a little easier on them.

“I think the most important thing about Medo Martinello and the Syracuse Stingers is that we are all turned on to the team’s fantastic potential.  Living in Syracuse, the players are becoming a part of the community and are really getting an identity and wanting to win for the city.  It’s going to be a great season.”

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