The Lloyd Collection….Philly’s Finest!!

Words can’t measure the gratitude. No one action can sum up the appreciation we here at Retrolax have for our friend…….Larry Lloyd. It was because of him, that we have the collections of Jim Bishop. It’s because of him, that we have his collections as well. How do you begin to thank someone of his caliber, for his generosity and his continued support of our efforts? As I delved into the collections, I came across a manila envelope that completely awestruck me…..due in part, because I didn’t know this was sent along our way.
I did colorize this portion of the collection, but going with the earlier suggestions of the Bishop galleries posted prior, I’m serving justice to this piece of Larry’s collection, and leaving them the way I found them. Enjoy your walk through lacrosse history, as I’m proud to present a piece of what is, Larry Lloyd’s gift to all of us!

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