Adanacs Battle Victoria, McNabb in Lacrosse Opener

Larry Dalton McNabb has a nasty reputation.

McNabb, as many know, is a hockey player of some distinction in the Western Hockey League.

He’s also a quick man (6-0, 205 pounds) with a fist or a stick.

And he’ll have plenty of both when the Victoria Shamrocks tangle with the Portland Adanacs Wednesday night at Memorial Coliseum as the play-for-pay box lacrosse league opens its season.

McNabb plays with the Shamrocks, and the tough defensive play is one of the factors that make lacrosse a spectators’ delight.

Cross-checking—hitting the opposing player with the handle of the stick—is legal.

A certain amount of slashing is also condoned with the stick, a weapon that resembles a tennis racket with loose strings that is used to pass the ball.

In the hand of a 6-foot, 200 pounder, the stick can be more than enough.

(The Oregonian, May 14, 1968)

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