Coach’s Pep Talk Really Pays Off

Grant Heffernan changed his mind about quitting the Detroit Olympics lacrosse team—and everybody’s happy.

Only a month ago Heffernan had decided to call it quits.  The 26-year-old right winger had scored just one goal in the first three games this season.

He was totally discouraged and went to coach Jim Bishop and disclosed that he was going to leave the team.  But Bishop talked about spirit, fight and slump and his confidence in Heffernan.

Heffernan decided to stay and fight the slump.

Today he wields on one of the hottest sticks in the National Lacrosse Association.  In his last five games he scored 17 goals, which included three 4-goal nights, two three-goal performances and a two-goal effort.

His point production jumped to 47 on 23 goals and 24 assists going into Wednesday night’s game in Toronto.  That threw him into a three-way battle for the NLA scoring lead with teammate Ross Jones (23) and Peterborough’s John Davis (22).

He’s also contending with Gaylord Powless, 16 goals, 32 assists for 48 points, for the team leadership.

“Heff is a fine player,” said coach Bishop.  “And this isn’t just a streak he’s on.  He’s playing the kind of game we knew he could play.”

What was that old saw about “Winners never quit?”

(Detroit American, June 13, 1968)

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