Looking at the Leafs… [Jack Madgett]


I suppose everyone in all weeks of life has one particular feature that differs them from anyone else.

It’s the same with athletes.  Periodically, you will lose sight of a player’s number, but his style immediately identifies him.

Toronto’s Jack Madgett has the recognizable feature of being perhaps one of the fastest individuals in lacrosse but runs with the shortest strides.  It’s probably insignificant but I can’t help but find it amusing at times.  I also find it quite amazing that a man of 32 years old can be as physically fit as he seems to be.  “You have to keep working at it” he claims “even off the floor.”  The speedy right winger impresses me every time on the floor and a guy with more desire just can’t be found anywhere.

A Brampton product, Jack has been involved in 4 Mann Cup playoffs, 2 with Brampton & 2 as a pick-up with Brooklin.  Unfortunately, none were winners although a lot of experience was gained playing against the strong Western clubs.  He felt this helped him tremendously on the Leafs recent trip to B.C. but the West surprised everyone by switching to a running type of game.  It caught the younger inexperienced players off guard as they were expecting a slower game with more body contact.  They contact they received though and quite often found themselves being nailed by the sizeable westerners even before reaching a loose ball, which is not the Eastern style of play.

Although the Leafs seem to have their problems, Jack feels they could possibly go all the way.  Certainly if anyone can help them reach this goal it is Jack.  The 5’8”—160 lb. forward to date has 27 goals and 19 assists in 24 games and is one of the best players on the Leaf roster.

Also an excellent hockey player & golfer, Jack and his wife Marilyn are expecting a new edition to the Madgett family soon which will make it three.

(from July 17, 1968 Toronto Maple Leafs game program)

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