CrosseCheck The Magazine, part of the MSM Media Group, is proud to announce their partnership with Uncommon Fit Sports , a leader in custom made sports apparel, based out of Peterborough, Ontario and Wayne, NJ, in bringing you our line of 1974-1975 National Lacrosse League Retro Jersey Collections.

“Ever since we brought CrosseCheck and Retrolax Films to the forefront back in 2018, we’ve been asked about the chances of finding a company to produce 74-75 jerseys, at a price that everyone could afford,” stated Dave Coleman, CEO of the MSM Media Group. “After talking with our good friend, Jimmy Wasson, he suggested that we talk with Uncommonfit’s Jamie Plunkett, about such an endeavor, and after a few months of design and detail work from their talented people, I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome! To provide fans with such an avenue to obtain their own piece of lacrosse history, is what this mission is all about.”

Through countless pictures and film still shots, CrosseCheck was able to forward Uncommonfit with the initial design and logo creation ideas to work with. The talented artists at Uncommonfit took it from there.

Jamie Plunkett of Uncommonfit Sports adds, “We here at Uncommonfit are beyond excited to bring you this collection, after the huge success of The Peterborough Lakers Alumni Jerseys, making this a perfect fit for us. Working with a lot of the players and coaches from these teams made this entire experience a lot fun and can’t wait to see these jerseys around the rinks of North America once again.”

To order your Custom 1974-1975 NLL Jerseys, including the 1968 Detroit Olympics from the NLA, go to Uncommonfit.com at the link posted below:


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