Quebecers massacred 23-15 in Toronto … Bradley will have to reassess his players

by Gilles BLANCHARD envoy of LA PRESSE

Don Crocker. the third goalkeeper for Quebecers. used to close his eyes when he saw the ball appear. Yesterday. in Toronto. he allowed 11 goals in two periods. including that of Brian Thompson. and the Tomahawks eventually won 23-15.

TORONTO – Not everything has been said about Jim Bishop, the modern genius of lacrosse and the Tomahawks of Toronto National Junior player. To the many praises that have been addressed to it for a long time in newspapers and specialized books. it should now be added that its key players are recovering very quickly from their injuries.

Yesterday to be, in front of 5.390 spectators, at Maple Leafs Garden, Chuck Li and Charlie Marlowe, Bishop’s first and third pick respectively in the repechage. were in uniform and largely contributed to a stinging 23-15 Tomahawks victory over the Montreal Quebecers.

Both ’players. Li and Marlowe. were obviously completely recovered from serious injuries (separation of the shoulder and arthritis in the knee, which had kept them at the start of the inaugural match. a decisive victory for Quebecers. last Wednesday at the Forum) .

Li and Marlowe didn’t just get it. the first four assists and the other two goals. They gave the Tomahawks confidence and turned their offensive into a real precision machine.

The Tomahawks recorded nine unanswered goals in the first period. the last of the week at 12:59 and the final victory is only a matter of patience.

By the way. the first entry ended with 12-4 and the two teams were content to exchange four then seven goals during the last two twenty.

About thirty minutes after the match. Quebecois instructor Bill Bradley was still looking for the pitiful outfit of his players.

“They don’t run. they do not react and their check-ups are like rags. They sleep. And I don’t understand anything. ”

Bradley was pacing around the door of the Gardens. looks as pitiful as his players. All these people awaiting the sign of the driver of the autobox who was to tell them to their venerable DC-3.

“How should an instructor react?” He said. Fine them. Hurting their pride by relegating them to the press gallery? ”

If Bradley was not wrong … ask. he also doesn’t have much time to find the solution. Quebecers are meeting tonight. the Rochester Griffins and they hurt so much both in attack and in defense? since this match last Sunday; in Philadelphia: expect the worst.

Yesterday. as they played in Philadelphia Sunday, the blocking system – the opponent completely got the better of the Quebecers’ defense. And. In Tataaque. Bradley’s men continued to play terribly, with Bradley shouting, ” Quebecers keep the ball.”

Lazy ground lazily, lose many precious seconds to change lines and no longer know where to throw their heads or balls in the offensive zone. The blocking is not done. The wingers and corner players are in the center. in a package. and the ball carrier only has to try a stupid pass or a desperate throw of thirty feet.

When the first line of a team. in fact that of Quebecers with Davis. Tasker. Sutherland. Nunn and Osinschuck conceded five goals to the opponent in a decisive first period. there is reason to think of radical reforms.

That of forgetting reputations and past feats of arms for example and choosing your players to merit.

BOX-NOTES – John Davis, the captain of Quebecers. deserves the two twelfth star of the match … Davis scored two goals and collected four assists but I doubt he will be very proud of his evening work because of his defensive outfit … The other Quebecers’ counters were Dave Tasker , four goals, one assist. Serge Loiselle, three goals. Jim Lynch, a goal two assists. Bill Langley, one goal. Gord Osinchuck, a goal a pass. and Bill Nunn, one goal … The Tomahawks’ goals went to Duffy McCarthy and Joe McCrea with four each. Brian Thomson, Brian Wilson, Charlie Marlowe and Garry Brezany with two each … Larry Bell. Tim Havens. Stan Cox. Bob Haw. Sandy Lynch and Jack Chrisholm complete the scoring with one goal each … A group from Boston await approaches Harry Sinden in order to obtain a franchise in the National lacrosse league next season … Jim Bishop spoke of an improvement one hundred percent at yesterday’s game … He hopes to get as much improvement by mid-season …

Bob Lemieux. the trusted man of the Detroit Red Wings in their affiliate system. has been dealing with pu relationships for over a month. The Tomahawks’ criticisms … The Toronto press is rather skeptical about the chances of the local lacrosse team’s jerks … The Quebecois DC-3 took about two and a half hours, more than twice the time of a regular line flight. to cross the distance Montreal-Toronto … Consciously. the traditional steak or full meal, four hours before the match was once replaced by sandwiches … Roger Williams replaced debutant Rick Palla in the goal of Toronto – at 9:31 seconds of the second period … As for Dave Wedlock. the Montreal starter. he gave way to Don Crocker at the start of the second period … Crocker did much better than Wedlock who is currently building a design for the head coach, Bill Bradley …

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